Providing a full suite of tailored financial planning for families and business professionals, Zenith Private Wealth Counsel is a guiding light to financial peace of mind. After all, it's about; Your Wealth. Your Life. Your Dreams.
Zenith Private Wealth Counsel | YOUR WEALTH
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Sustain, Protect and Enhance your wealth

Sustaining Wealth

is about stewardship


Sustaining wealth is about managing your resources with a vision of what the future holds. When it comes to inter-generational wealth, sustainability depends on the extent to which a family’s values are passed on from one generation to the next. Stewardship calls for a strong sense of purpose and a clear, meaningful legacy – a plan that’s brought to life through an experienced wealth management professional.


Protecting Wealth

is about minimizing threats


Protecting wealth is about managing risk in a prudent and cost-effective way. Undue risk comes in many forms. It can easily be overlooked until it is too late to avoid. Protecting wealth requires insight and foresight. It demands that we remain diligent and proactive at all times – and that demands the skills of a knowledgeable financial professional.

Enhancing Wealth

is about capitalizing on opportunities


Enhancing wealth means making smart decisions about where and how to deploy a family’s assets. Some of the best opportunities are not always apparent to the untrained eye. To enhance wealth, one must know what to look for and where to look for it – this requires the insight of a wealth manager with a proven track record.

Zenith Private Wealth Counsel is committed to providing you with holistic wealth strategies and a level of service that’s unsurpassed in the industry. Whether you’re an individual investor or a business owner, our team of advisors will
develop a financial plan that protects your future well-being and, most importantly, helps you realize your dreams.


Our unique and highly personalized approach upholds five key pillars that define our service standards: