Providing a full suite of tailored financial planning for families and business professionals, Zenith Private Wealth Counsel is a guiding light to financial peace of mind. After all, it's about; Your Wealth. Your Life. Your Dreams.
Zenith Private Wealth Counsel | Our Process
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Our Process



Zenith Private Wealth Counsel provides strategic wealth management (an over-arching financial vision) with sound investment strategy (minimizing portfolio risks while maximizing returns) and comprehensive financial planning  (goal-specific i.e. education, retirement, taxation, estate or succession planning) to help clients achieve their financial goals.


Our professional team takes a holistic approach to financial planning. That is, we develop comprehensive, customized wealth strategies that provide lasting peace of mind and help you achieve both financial and personal goals. Independent, unbiased advice is a cornerstone for developing customized wealth plans that reflect the unique needs of each client.


Budgeting is a vital element of financial planning. Paying yourself first by setting aside 10% of your gross salary before any other expenditures is a prudent way to save and creates a three- to-six month emergency fund.

Creating an effective financial plan also involves being able to identify and mitigate risk. Understanding your tolerance for risk – including risks related to capital, taxation, markets, currency and outliving your capital – helps us determine the financial strategies that are right for you.

Asset management requires ongoing monitoring of your investment mix over both short-term and long-term. We begin by gathering information about your objectives, attitudes toward risk, financial expectations and time horizon. We then calculate the rate of return needed to meet your objectives and determine the best portfolio strategy and investment vehicles.

This is important given the high tax burden placed on individuals and corporations. An effective tax-minimization strategy can improve the growth rate of your personal net worth and decrease the need to rely solely on high investment returns.

Planning for retirement isn’t just about contributing to your RRSP or group pension plan.  While this is a good start, you will also need to plan for your living arrangements after retirement, determine how you’ll handle tax issues, assess your future insurance needs… and then, figure out how to pay for it all.

Estate planning involves wealth preservation and the orderly transfer of your assets during your lifetime or upon your death. To do so properly, it is helpful to anticipate what may lie ahead, and to understand your specific situation and wishes regarding your legacy.

This is the outcome when all of the elements of your financial plan come together. An ongoing process of evaluation and fine-tuning delivers the most direct, comfortable path to retirement and achieving your life goals.

Zenith Private Wealth Counsel brings together the necessary components into a concise, centralized plan:

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