Providing a full suite of tailored financial planning for families and business professionals, Zenith Private Wealth Counsel is a guiding light to financial peace of mind. After all, it's about; Your Wealth. Your Life. Your Dreams.
Zenith Private Wealth Counsel | CLIENTS
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For over 25 years, the Zenith Private Wealth Counsel team has been working with professionals, retirees and business owners to create the life they desire, enhance the lives of those they care about, and establish a living legacy that represents their passions and values.

We see ourselves as your partners on the journey to achieving the financial goals you have set out for yourself and your family. You can depend on our team of experienced professionals to prepare and implement customized financial strategies, helping you navigate the various stages and events in your life and addressing your concerns in a number of areas:


  • Reducing your income taxes
  • Preserving your portfolio in challenging economies
  • Receiving severance packages
  • Maximizing government benefits and deductions
  • Growing your retirement savings
  • Business or family succession planning
  • Protecting the intergenerational transfer of wealth
  • Maximizing your net worth and estate net worth


Our goal is to enable you to experience financial peace of mind, knowing you have the:


  • Opportunity to have more time to focus on the important things in life.
  • Freedom to make choices that will enable you to achieve personal fulfillment.
  • Confidence to make plans for the future, knowing your financial well-being is looked after.
  • Security of knowing a trusted and experienced professional is managing your wealth.


We look forward to being your partner in sustaining, protecting and enhancing your wealth.



We invite you to review our complete investment kit by calling us at 905-470-5989 or emailing us. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a complimentary, no obligation Initial Review as part of a Discovery Meeting. For new clients who would like to have a more comprehensive Financial Health Check-up ($800), the service fee will be waived upon account opening.