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Zenith Private Wealth Counsel | Success DNA…Building a Better Relationship with You
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Success DNA…Building a Better Relationship with You

When it comes to building meaningful and successful relationships, effective communication is foundational at Zenith Private Wealth Counsel.  You naturally communicate based on who you are and how you see the world.  Correspondingly, how another person hears your message depends on who they are and how they see the world.  As a result, there is often a gap that needs to be bridged between “what was said and what was heard”.

The Success DNA Discovery process uncovers your natural preferences for how you wish to be communicated with by others based on your priorities. This is powerful information for both you and others to know in building personal and business relationships that are based on greater trust and knowing what is important.

At Zenith Private Wealth Counsel, we aim to provide you with a service experience that is uniquely personalized based on “understanding people before numbers”. To help us understand you better, we invite you to complete a FREE Success DNA Discovery survey so that we can communicate with you on your terms, because we recognize that there is no one size that fits all.

The information in your Success DNA Report will provide insight into your communication preferences and priorities. This will allow us to:


  • Communicate with you on your terms
  • Connect you with team members who can most productively manage your unique needs
  • Customize your service experience to better suit you
  • Build a deeper connection with you to maximize our relationship


When we know who you are and your preferred communication style, we have the opportunity to build a stronger emotional connection and relationship environment, in order to better service your needs.