Providing a full suite of tailored financial planning for families and business professionals, Zenith Private Wealth Counsel is a guiding light to financial peace of mind. After all, it's about; Your Wealth. Your Life. Your Dreams.
Zenith Private Wealth Counsel | Lunch & Learn Program: Financial Well-Being for Your Company Staff
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Lunch & Learn Program: Financial Well-Being for Your Company Staff

Complimentary Lunch & Learn for your company’s staff…The Zenith Private Wealth Counsel Lunch & Learn Program is designed to encourage and empower Canadians in the workplace to take charge of their financial well-being.


Get advice, not a pitch…There’s no pitch, no strings attached with booking a session with us. With an educational advice approach, our talks are focused on how your staff and co-workers can keep more of what they earn and how to make their money work harder for them.


Tailored for your office…We tailor our talks to the needs and interests of your staff and co-workers with a practical range of life stage and lifestyle topics:

  • Looking for ways to pay less tax
  • Concerns about outliving your money
  • Maximizing government & disability benefits
  • Having the government fund your insurance
  • Growing your RRSP & retirement planning
  • Estate planning & retirement planning

  • Funding your children’s education
  • Receiving severance packages at work
  • Looking after home renovations
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Creating a legacy of inter-generational wealth for your loved ones
  • Personal wills

And lunch is on us at your office location – What does that look like?

15 mins: We show up with lunch! While we set up, everyone can help themselves to lunch
30 mins: A brief information session highlighting popular topics for your staff
10 mins: A Q&A for those attending
5 mins: We’ll pack up and hope to see you again


A FREE GIFT: Discover your Success DNA
Each attendee will receive access to a complimentary online assessment to uncover their natural communication preferences; in other words, how each person wishes to be communicated with by others. This is powerful knowledge to have when building personal, family, and work relationships.

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